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Thoughts of retirement are looming an entire generation of executives. But an increasing number of boomers and Gen-Xers are having the same thought: “I’m not ready to retire (or maybe I can’t afford to retire), but I don’t want to keep working at my current pace.”

Contract work is one option, but that can bring its own challenges. “Many freelance executives spend up to 25 percent of their time chasing new clients rather than doing paid work,” says Michael Carter, president of Kahuso.

Michael co-founded the disruptive on-line platform Kahuso to offer another option.

Kahuso is a technology-led recruitment platform that specializes in matching accomplished executives – director-level up to C-suite – with companies for full- time, contract, board and advisory roles.

Kahuso’s platform is self- directed, letting executives and employers review each other and see whether they would be good matches without investing a lot of time or money. “Think of it as an on-demand executive cloud that companies can tap into on an as-needed basis,” says Michael.

Executives (who currently use the service at no charge) on-board using an on-line profiling wizard that asks for information about their preferences, expertise, experience, values and professional attributes. Kahuso uses this deeper data set in their proprietary matching algorithm to deliver more intelligent match results for both executives and companies alike. Matches show up on a dashboard, allowing executives and employers to reach out and begin discussions.

Michael launched Kahuso after selling his mobile technology business. While looking for a new project, he kept running into colleagues, mid-to late-career professionals who were spending an enormous amount of time and effort chasing full-time jobs that were either hard to find, or that they weren’t really interested in. “Looking for work can be a humbling experience. People will say you have a great resume, but trying to find the right role can be enormously frustrating.”

Gigging for executives

While Kahuso has full-time positions, much of the focus is on part-time or contract employment.

“The gig economy has become such a big part of the modern employment landscape,” Michael says. “Much of it has focused on developers, writers, designers, and other creatives, but it’s spreading rapidly to all levels of the organization, including senior executives.”

CFOs, CEOs, and the like are drawn to the gig economy for the same reasons as hipster web developers working in coffee shops: it allows them to work on satisfying projects and to find balance in their lives. “We have a lot of executive candidates who don’t want to spend another 20 years working 80 hours a week in the same office for the same company, but they also don’t want to stop working altogether,” says Michael.

Leading executives are tapping into a new way to work, giving them more control, flexibility and fulfilment; something to genuinely stimulate the brain on their own terms. “My father is 78 years old, and he still works two days a week. He loves it and I don’t see him giving it up.”

Courtesy of Dockside Magazine

Michael Carter

Co-Founder and President of Kahuso Inc. A serial technology entrepreneur, Michael co-founded Kahuso in 2015, with a mission to change the way the world works.

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