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Most companies build their team from a range of workers, with full-time, part-time and contract staff all part of the mix.

When it comes to staffing senior positions, though, full-time has traditionally been the only option. But all that is changing.

“The idea of the fractional executive has been taking hold in the States and in Europe for some time now,” says Michael Carter, president of Toronto-based Kahuso. “It’s only starting to catch hold in Canada, but it makes a lot of sense.”

A small or mid-sized firm might only need a half-time CFO,
he explains. Or it may need expertise for a period of time to lead a critical project or support internal resources in the achievement of an important objective. Kahuso allows companies to tap into a level of talent they may not be able to find or afford otherwise.

That kind of flexibility is the rationale for Kahuso, which
was created to find “the right executive for the right company, at the right time and for the right amount of time.”

By using sophisticated matching software, it does it all faster
and at a much lower cost than traditional recruiting services, making it highly accessible for small and medium-sized firms. Even large enterprises are getting in on the action.

The right talent

Business leaders, owners and human resource professionals are all leveraging Kahuso to find the experience and expertise their company desperately needs. They are also improving their flexibility and reducing their overall cost of acquisition and ownership when it comes to senior talent.

Companies must think differently about their employment strategies if they are going to be successful. “The best talent on the market often doesn’t want to be an employee. Companies must learn how to access talent, not own it.”

In just two years, Kahuso has built a pool of more than 6,000 executives who are looking for something new and bring a wealth of expertise to bear.

Because Kahuso is a technology-led company, the entire process is designed to be self-directed. A full-service version is available, but most member companies opt for the DIY approach: they log in and create a profile, outlining the kind of person they’re looking for. The platform matches the requirements
to candidates and presents a range of options, then allows the employer and candidate to begin corresponding directly.

“We felt the old talent acquisition model was broken, particularly for senior level positions. From interim to permanent, Kahuso helps you find better executive talent for the right amount of time, faster and more cost-effectively,” says Michael.

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Michael Carter

Co-Founder and President of Kahuso Inc. A serial technology entrepreneur, Michael co-founded Kahuso in 2015, with a mission to change the way the world works.

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