Need To Know: Rethinking the Traditional Office Space

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The Article: "To the Office With Love"
By: Jennifer Senior
From: New York Magazine

"One day it's possible that many of us will think of work not as a stable engagement but as a series of engagements and the concept of a career will become quaint as will the idea of "work" as a place."

It Matters Because:

Basically, it comes to down to the reality that for all the upsides that the freelance economy offer, actually navigating it can be stressful.

As more of us work remotely or are self-employed, the traditional office space is also disappearing and with it, goes the easy access that “going to work” used to offer including: community, ideas, and overhead resources.

What It Means For You:

Success in the new world of work requires deliberate tactics to address these changes – more than ever we need to find ways to tap into knowledge networks , back fill for medical benefits, and find ways to physically connect with people on a regular basis.

The good news?

You’ve got choices -from co-working spaces, online forums, Kahuso to match you to great opportunities, new insurance options and in person meet ups – there are numerous options are emerging to address the needs of agile talent.

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