Need To Know: "The Rise Of The Supertemp"

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The Article: "The Rise of The Supertemp"
By: Jody Greenstone Miller & Matt Miller
From: The Harvard Business Review, May 2012

Why It Matters:

There's a trend happening: top managers and professionals from lawyers to CFOs and consultants are choosing to become "Supertemps." This means that after time spent in top schools and big name organizations, they are opting out of committing to one employer on a full-time basis and are instead choosing to work on a project to project basis.

What It Means For You:

This trend should be good news - even if you aren't quite sure if you'd call yourself a "Supertemp."

As the authors explain, "Companies follow the talent. So as a growing numbers of professionals decide that they prefer to work on a temporary basis, organizations are finding new ways to work with them. The prevalence of lean management teams, the post-recession drive to cap costs, and the accelerating pace of change combine to make temporary solutions compelling. These new arrangements have also spread because the surge in outsourcing and consulting in recent years has accustomed managers to thinking about work, including high-end work, in modular ways."

The ripple effect of this could be powerful in terms of creating more choices for how work looks and happens.

Read the full article: here

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