Need To Know: Flexible work can suit 60-somethings

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The Article: "Flexible Work Can Suit 60-Somethings"
By: Paul Attfield
From: The Globe and Mail

"The beauty of gig work for seniors is that they can be as busy as they want to be"

It Matters Because:

Retirement planning is shifting and with it, the opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Boomers are changing how they want their retirement to look, moving away from the complete stepping away from work to more fluid arrangements that let them come in and out of the workforce in a more creative and flexible way.

This also means that SMB's, startups, and businesses of all sizes and industries, have an incredible opportunity to tap into senior level talent and experience that can help amplify impact and bottom line results.

What It Means For You:

There are numerous options emerging to address the needs of agile talent, and you've got choices. Kahuso can match you to great opportunities, new insurance options, and in-person meet ups.

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