Need To Know: Can You Quantify Your Human Resources Department?

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The Article: "Can You Quantify Your Human Resources Department"
By: Larry Alton
From: Forbes

"HR poses a unique problem in the field of business analytics because its bottom-line goals involve a degree of subjectivity"

It Matters Because:

Making an optimal decision (one that is rational, objective and effective) generally requires data, and MDM software is increasingly being used as a way to convert everything in business to readable, understandable data points.

What It Means For You:

In HR, not all employee actions and behaviours can be as easily quantified.

Currently, the most common areas to gather people-related metrics are by measuring: worker satisfaction, productivity & performance, along with turnover & retention.

The good news?

At Kahuso, we see a powerful opportunity in focusing on bringing data and tech to help with cultural fit - so the foundation is there to achieve maximum employee engagement, delivery, and retention.

Our onboarding process (for both individuals and organizations) uses a series of tactical questions around preferences, experience, skills, leadership style, and cultural fit, to gather a holistic perspective of both the opportunity and individual. The Kahuso proprietary algorithm then intelligently matches candidates to opportunities.

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