A Power Chat With Reva Seth: An Executive From The Kahuso Community.

"The on-demand executive gig economy is the most nimble way for me to be able to have an interesting career along with the crucial flexibility and autonomy on how and when I work. This kind of control helps me to get closer to being able to live, parent, and write the way I want to."

Reva Seth, strategic adviser, speaker, best-selling author, and parent to three boys

Reva, thank you so much for having a chat with us. To start, can you describe how you currently work?

"I've been working as a serial consultant for over a decade now - since my first son was born. I tend to balance my work portfolio with one or two anchor clients or roles that let me primarily work remotely, and then I take on shorter-term projects along the way. I mix into that speaking gigs and freelance journalism. It's a neat combination although continually looking for work does get tiring - that and I need to find a way to explain what I do faster."

You are keen on this idea that contract work is the best way forward for parents.

"I really am.

For my last book The MomShift: Women Share Their Careers Of Career Success After Children (Random House: Feb 2014) I interviewed over 500 women who had achieved greater career success after having children and what I found was that this group was at the forefront of a new way of working - one that combines consulting, freelance, and project work, with other entrepreneurial ventures to create senior careers that they have more control over on a day to day basis - and contract or advisory work was often the common denominator."

What's your advice for people getting started on this way of working?

"If you can re-adjust how you think the work day should look - it will be much easier to make the shift - I often find that people are so conditioned to having their careers look one way that the stress of several different gigs is tough.

I would also say - go for it with a yes mentality, try out contracts that might not be an exact fit - this isn't a ladder career, so don't think each project has to build on the last."

Why do you Kahuso?

"Finding a steady stream of well-paid gigs has always required lots of coffees and meetings - which takes a lot of time and can feel like a job in and of itself.

Kahuso has (thankfully!) streamlined that process for me - which is fantastic."

Espresso, latte or....?

"My go to is actually a can of Redbull- followed by a green juice to deal with the guilt of what I just drank."

Caleb Rubin

CMO and Co-Founder of Kahuso Inc. An accomplished digital marketing pioneer, Caleb co-founded Kahuso to help revolutionize the on-demand executive economy.

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