A Conversation With Kim Chernecki - Part 1

Kim Chernecki
Over the next two weeks, we will be chatting with Kim Chernecki, one of Canada’s leading executive entrepreneur business coaches to steal her tips on excelling in the executive gig economy.

Thanks for joining us today Kim! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to start Freedom Street Inc.?

Being somewhat of a serial entrepreneur over the last 25 years, I’ve helped start-up and grow eight businesses and business divisions. When working as a sales performance executive, I witnessed so many executives in organizations I consulted with – pouring their hearts and souls into their organizations, working 60-hour work weeks and then being let go, delayered or downsized. I also observed the disruptions around technology and talent (and evolution towards the gig economy). In all this, I realized there was an opportunity to work with executives who wanted to drive their futures as consultants and to support them to make that happen.

Building on my 25 years’ experience as a sales performance executive, top performing sales consultant, facilitator and coach, I initially built Freedom Street Inc. to be a training/coaching organization helping accomplished executives and professionals transitioning out of corporate to define, structure and launch their dream consulting businesses.

Like with any business, it’s important to stay “ahead of the curve”, listen to your clients’ needs and adapt your offerings to accommodate. This led to the second phase of my business which is helping accomplished executives and professionals to navigate the corporate (and consulting) landscape and build an ongoing steady pipeline and roster of high-paying corporate clients both directly and through collaborative partnerships.

How do you keep it all going? What advice do you give to your clients to stay “ahead of the curve”?

I practice what I preach to my clients. I have a business model with multiple income streams and a blueprint and plan to ensure a steady stream of clients. This includes a steady corporate contract with LHH Knightsbridge in their career transition division where I designed and run a monthly workshop series and 1:1 coaching for executives who are wanting to build businesses as consultants. I secure and nurture private client contracts through consistent networking and collaborative partnerships.

I’m also building a community of executives (driving their businesses as consultants) through a live networking forum I run quarterly called “Trailblazer Forum”. The next event, How to Land the Big Corporate Fish is happening on June 7th and will feature an expert panel (including Kahuso!). To see what this event is all about, please check it out at: http://www.freedomstreetinc.com/trailblazer-registration/

It’s a really exciting time to drive your future as a consultant. Due to the rapidly changing disruptive and global corporate landscape we live in, there are limitless opportunities to add value and help organizations navigate this change.

Michael Carter

Co-Founder and President of Kahuso Inc. A serial technology entrepreneur, Michael co-founded Kahuso in 2015, with a mission to change the way the world works.

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